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BoardBrake is a simple, effective, brake system for longboards.

The traditional ways to stop a longboard are:

  • The SLIDE

….all of which require a high degree of skill which typically is only achieved after a string of injuries.

With BoardBrake even novice longboarders can control the speed of their longboard.

If you’re cruising along a foot path you can confidently navigate the inevitable obstacles like randomly moving peeps and pets. That hill you’ve always wanted to hit but ……..? Now you can carve down it killing speed as needed before you get the wobbles.

A Few Things To Know:

Made in the USA from mostly recycled materials by USAians.
Built tough: Stainless Steel, Hi Density Machinable Plastic, Recycled Industrial Rubber.
Easy to Install on any Longboard. Youtube Video LINK. BoardBrakeInstallation
Questions or Concerns?

Download the BoardBrake installation PDF (758kb)

READ THE BELOW DISCLAIMER BEFORE RIDING YOUR BoolahBoard! ...or any board equipped with a BoardBrake

I am confident that you will love riding your BoolahBoard TM and experiencing the empowering benefits of BoardBrake TM

However, as with all new ‘tools’ and toys, there are things to be aware of for your personal safety and optimum enjoyment!

The primary function of BoardBrake is not to enable the rider to STOP on a dime but rather:
To maintain greater control of the longboard when riding down hills (through the ability to kill speed before the onset of the dreaded ‘speed wobbles’ )

To maintain a safe and manageable pace as you cruise along a boardwalk or navigate campus pathways

NB. The BoardBrake pad hangs below the board deck and can hang up if you go over anything higher than the distance between the BOTTOM of the pad and the PAVEMENT, as illustrated below.


  1. Be aware of your environment at all times. Maintain Situational Awareness as they say in the military.
  2. Wear appropriate protection.

In short SKATE SAFE!