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The “BOARDBRAKE” has changed the way I ride the city here in Seattle. I used to constantly wear out my shoes and battle the awkward balance point when you’re only riding with one foot trying to stop with the other. The BOARDBRAKE allows me to easily pick my back heel up and press down the brake without battling my balance and getting thrown off.
Whether it’s coming down a city hill and being able to stop at the busy intersection or giving yourself that much needed quick brake to stop the dreaded “speed wobbles”. The BOARDBRAKE is the real deal! Sturdy, looks great, and gives you confidence when riding!

Stephen M. Leddy |NW Account Manager http://www.alcoholmonitoring.com







DSC01527When I first heard about BoardBrake I couldn’t believe it. Does it work, why hadn’t anybody come up with this idea before? Intrigued I contacted Tony of BoolahBoards and made an appointment to try it out.The BOARDBRAKE worked liked a charm. Once I got used to using my heel to press down and engage the brake, it became second nature.
My riding before the BOARDBRAKE was limited to flats, now I have the confidence and ability to check my speed without stepping off the board or having to do a power slide to stop. I can now ride down hills I wouldn’t have considered prior to the BOARDBRAKE
It’s a great product that makes boarding safer and allows the rider to have the  edge they need to push themselves and still stay in control. Control being key.

Bobby Fischer | Firefighter/Emt CPFR








I used to skateboard and I loved the speed, but I was always afraid of having to stop without getting hurt. Boolah Boards reminded me how fun it was to ride, but gave me way more confidence in my control and stopping ability!

Jessixa Bagley, Children’s Books Writer & Illustrator










I LOVE BoolahBoards! They are soooo colorful and hip. Takes me way back to the days when my brothers and sisters made our first skateboards. Now that I’m uh, a little older, the speed braking system lets me relive my youth with control and without fear of falling and breaking my precious bones.

Brenda Eaden, Entrepreneur








When I explored long boarding for the first time as an adult, I fell in love with the idea of a board brake. The brake, combined with the sturdiness of my boolah board allows me to hit any hill or route I run into with confidence. My dogs love towing me around in search for a nice mellow ride. I have regained my youth!

Naomi Spence 
Program Director, Hunger Coalition